Kaylen & Mason

As many mutual friends that Kaylen and Mason have, they never seemed to come across each other. It was almost like they were walking right by each other and never noticed. But they came to get to know one another through the magic of Tinder. Kaylen thought she was done trying with Tinder, but Mason was persistent and so she decided to give it a shot, but it never seemed to work out to meet up. Then one day, it worked out for them to go out to Bingo. Although the place was full of people, it felt like it was just the two of them. They connected instantly, like they’d always known each other.

Fast forward to last Christmas, Kaylen was headed to Mason’s house for the holiday as she did every year. And every year they’d invite Kaylen’s mom and brother to come along. They usually would politely decline, holidays for them hadn’t been quite the same since their grandpa had passed away shortly after Katrina. But this time, much to her surprise, Kaylen’s mother and brother tagged along to spend Christmas with Mason’s family. Everybody joined in to play a game of White Elephant. After the game was supposed to have finished, Mason says, “wait, there’s one more present.” Mason gets down on one knee and hands Kaylen a box. Everyone was screaming as Kaylen slowly undid the ribbon. Inside was Mason’s great grandmother’s ring, 100 years old. He asked her to marry him and of course she said yes.

Kaylen and Mason are each other’s homes, and came into each other’s lives when they really needed one another. They are always pushing each other to do better, and being there for each other without the other having to ask.

Their engagement session was wonderful, fun, and full of laughs. They looked stunning together. AND they brought their super good boy DiVinci. HE WAS THE GOODEST BOY. No one worked harder during the shoot than DiVinci. Not everyone can wear a sign around their necks and look extra cute for pictures, BUT HE DID IT.

Congratulations Kaylen and Mason!





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September 22, 2018



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