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If you’re not into reading, feel free to skip down to the photos! There’s captions with exclusive insight and backstories as well as a video highlight of our wedding at the very end of the blog!

I dreamt of my wedding day since I was a child. I was one of “those” girls. I dreamt of the day I would get to wear a beautiful white dress and walk down the aisle to say “I do” to the love of my life. (Yes, I was a Disney kid.) The day James proposed was the happiest of my life, only to be topped by our wedding day. It was such a surreal feeling when he proposed that it didn’t settle in until like 20 minutes later. Is this really happening? Am I really living this? I’m getting married?!? Omg…IM GETTING MARRIED — and then came the waterworks. 

Being conservative Christians, we took a very traditional route.  James and I would only move in together after the wedding. We both still lived with our parents, though James lived on campus during the week. For me, a large part of the journey was preparing to move out, which was an emotional one. I know, I know who doesn’t want to move out, right?! It’s not that I didn’t want to move out, because truly, I was excited and ready for it! It was the thought of not seeing my mom when she came home to give her a hug and kiss, or waking up to my dad playing guitar on weekend mornings that would weigh heavy on my heart. I share this because you will see these emotions surface throughout our wedding photos, particularly between me and my mom. My mom and I grew very close over the last several years, I think as most mothers and daughters do once we’re done with YOU-DONT-GET-ME-MOM phase. (Sorry, about that, Mom! Teenagers..amiright?) So there were some very bittersweet moments. The day was a celebration of new beginnings and also a farewell to the life we had. James and I were creating a new life together as husband and wife. 

Surprisingly, I wasn’t very nervous on our wedding day. I was just happy and calm. Even when we were getting ready for the first look I just felt very calm. It wasn’t until it was time for me to walk down the aisle that I started to feel nervous and had to take a deep breath thinking, “Yup, it’s really happening!” But as soon as I started walking down the aisle and I saw James, I was no longer nervous. It was the moment we’d been longing for and I felt a joy I can’t quite put into words. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout our entire ceremony. God’s promises were fulfilling and we felt more than blessed.

The wedding day was perfectly imperfect. Did everything go according to plan? No. Would I do it all over again? Also no, because well, expensive BUT I would definitely relive it over and over if I could. The things that went askew at our wedding have faded into the background. What I remember vividly are the wonderful moments I shared with family, friends, and my husband. And it’s truly all that matters.

Such a cheeseball.
James and I filled out these little booklets for each other of “Reasons I want to Marry You.”
I was cracking up laughing at some of his Reasons Why
“Who else will I quote spongebob with.” The arrow is pointing to a cup with “Raiane” in it. Only true Spongebob fans will understand the reference.
She gave me a bouquet pandora charm.
My mother gifted me this box at my bridal shower. When I was 14, I asked my mom to buy a beautiful box from Things Remembered, she said she would buy it for me when I got married. The original box I wanted is no longer produced, but she got me this one and I treasure it so much.
“A mother’s treasure is her daughter.”
My veil is very special to me because it was actually handmade by my mother.
My heart.
My high school sweetheart.
I cannot explain how much love I have for my wedding dress. It was perfect.
I wrote letters to my parents and I’m sharing littler excerpts from them:

“Saiba que todos os seus sacrifícios são valorizados. Como eu gostaria te de dar o mundo mãe. Na verdade eu sei que não tem como pagar o amor que uma mãe tem pelo seus filhos, mas vou tentar. Te amo Mãe. Amo tanto que as vezes não cabe no coração e transborda pelos olhos.”

“Know that all your sacrifices are valued. How I would like to give you the world, Mom. In truth, I know that there is no way to repay the love a mom has for her children, but I’ll try. I love you, Mom. I love you so much sometimes it doesn’t all fit in my heart and overflows through my eyes.”
“Vejo seu grande amor e carinho pelo o Noah e sei que teve, e ainda tem, esse mesmo amor pelo os seus filhos. Sei que muitas vezes você sacrificou sua própria felicidade pela felicidade da sua familia. Eu sei que todos esses anos no Estados Unidos não foram fácil. Mas saiba que sou mas do que grata pelo os seus sacrifícios. Nunca vou poder te recompensar por tudo que voce tenha feito. Se eu pudesse te daria o mundo e um tanto mais. “

“I see your love and care for Noah and I know you had, and still have, this same love for your children. I know many times you sacrificed your own happiness for the happiness of your family. I know all these years in the U.S. haven’t been easy. But know that I am more than grateful for your sacrifices. I’m never going to be compensate you for all you have done. If I could, I would give you the world and a chunk more…I love you immensely.”
Super cute moment right? It was followed by “Why are your lips so dry? Can someone run and get him chapstick?”
Totally chic.
Totally cute.
Total mess.
It wasn’t until I was behind that door that I felt nervous.
James claims he didn’t choke up or feel like crying.
Does this not look like the face of someone holding back tears?! It’s photo proof, JAMES.
Another picture of my nephew because he’s the cutest.
“So there’s no 30 day return on this?”
James wanted pretty shots of him too.
EXPECTATION: Super classy, super cute.
REALITY: “Aim it the other way, not on me!” and I’m not a fan of Champagne, or most alcoholic beverages for that matter.
My nephew was not having it with me.
More crying because, well, come on she’s my mom.
The girls put rose petals on the floor and on the bed for us. Very romantic and sweet but we did have to sweep it up xD
Our wedding day was a joy and we hope we have translated that joy to you through this blog. Thank you so much for reading <3

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May 16, 2019



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