i love candle lit dinners, making canva invites, and a good dose of Bob's Burgers. 

I met the love my life in high school. I didn't know it then, but that immature freshman boy from gym class would one day be my husband. It wasn't until senior year that I started to see him with different eyes. We ultimately went to separate colleges and didn't think we'd last, but God had other plans. That was 9 years ago. My husband and I have now been happily married for 5 years and have 3 cats (yeah, we're kinda crazy cat people). I thank God every day for him and the life we share.

I grew up in a home with strong family and marriage values. My wedding day was truly the happiest day of my life and I wish I could relive it every day. It's why I connect with weddings so strongly. You can read more about my wedding philosophy here.

Aside from weddings, I truly believe that love is the greatest gift. It was because of love that God offered us grace (John 3:16). Through love we have compassion, through love we have empathy, patience, kindness, you get it. With love being such a gift, I feel privileged to have found someone to love and be loved by for a lifetime. And I feel privileged to take pictures of those who have found the same!  


I'm Rae

Our travels

Back in the summer of '99, my parents made a big decision to move to the U.S. They didn't plan to stay forever, but here we are 24 years later! Although my Brazilian roots are strong in a lot of ways, I'll be honest, I wouldn't even be able to point out where I was born on a map! My rice and beans skills are, however, quite refined.

I've lived in several states but can't see home being anywhere else but Louisiana. The food here is just too good! Though sometimes I dream of what it would be like to experience all four seasons. 

I was born in Brazil and immigrated to the U.S. with my parents when I was 3.

meet the kitties

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sir melvin

The eldest of the three and quite the sir he is. Sir Melvin has no hesitation vocalizing his complaints. He is quick to hiss at his siblings when they are being overly rambunctious, but only because a sir has no desire to deal with childish fooleries.  And please, make haste in serving him his meal.

lady lulu

A picture of poise and grace. Though Lady Lulu, in fact, holds very little of it. Yes, quite the clumsy one she is. But, alas, her toy catching skills are sharp. Her favorite being the feather wand. She is a determined one, quickly putting herself out of breath to catch it. 

sir lex

Sir Lex is a young boisterous cat with a mighty paw. Though desirous of affection, he loathes being handled. Head pets and chin scratches are greatly welcomed. However, at times Sir Lex has difficulty deciphering between hand and toy. 

Living in Louisiana means having way too many hot and humid days. So when the weather is cool and the air is crisp, laying in a hammock or going for a stroll is so refreshing.

cool, crisp air


I love dressing nice for special occasions, but at home there is nothing better than being in the comfiest pajamas. Throw in a light rain storm or a chilly night with a fire roaring and you have a perfect day.

comfy cozy


If you saw the quick facts on the home page, you know I LOVE food. One of our favorite things to do is try out new restaurants. Discovering new delicious food that makes your taste buds dance is just the best!

delicious food


Marking the beginning of a new chapter


the celebration begins here




Whether you're a newly engaged couple beginning their wedding planning or a senior celebrating a huge milestone. I'm here to create images that capture the treasure of those moments.