The long overdue blog post

Hey guys,

Do you remember the maternity session of my sister in law? And how we were so anxious to receive our precious Noah? Well…

He’s here. Well, he’s been here. Since November 21st, 2017. Which was nearly 3 months ago. Which means he’s nearly 3 months old now. What? How did that happen? I don’t know. All I know is time is going by way too fast and he’s gotten way too big *auntie heart begins to break*.

But let me catch you guys up.

On Nov. 20th, I went to Roberta’s house to take some pictures of her and Noah’s nursery before he was due to arrive on the 26th. She had a doctor’s appointment that day as well and so I shot some pictures of her Noah beautiful room before heading off to the doctor’s appointment with her.

Long story short, her blood pressure was a bit high, doctor felt it was time to get that boy outta there and so she didn’t go home from the doctor’s that evening. I headed over to the hospital with her, she settled in and soon my brother showed up. Since her blood pressure went back to normal they decided they would induce her the next day and she was free to eat whatever she wanted for the night, much to her relief as she had only eaten a banana that day.

Fast forward the next day, she’s induced in the morning and we make predictions as to what time he will be born. I said around 3:30pm-4pm, Roberta said 4:30-5pm, and my brother said, “eh, I think he’ll be born around 2:15pm.”

Guess what time he was born? 2:14pm.
Apparently fathers know best.

Here are some photos of his nursery, birth, and newborns.






And here is at 2 months. Our hearts overflow with the joy he brings us.



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February 14, 2018



  1. Geisa says:

    He has definitely blessed our life’s. Gorgeous pictures Rae. Thank you ❤️

  2. lomcfad says:

    I don’t know if you meant to do it or if you noticed but in the 3rd picture when shes looking down in front the crib, the baby mobile makes it look like she has a halo over her head 🙂 -Lora

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