Roberta’s Maternity


I’ve shot several maternities but this shoot was exceptionally near and dear to me because it was of my brother and his wife who is carrying my nephew. This is their first child, my first nephew or niece, and my parents’ first grandchild. It’s an incredible first for all of us. And what joy I felt when I first heard the news they were expecting.

 It was after church, and Roberta told me she me wanted to look at a gift she bought for her coworker to get my opinion on it. She handed me a box and inside was her positive pregnancy test. My reaction was somewhere along the lines of “OMG are you serious? Glory to God! You’re not joking right? OMG.” Tears started swelling up in my eyes. After nearly a year unsuccessfully attempting to conceive, the answer to their prayers (and ours) had finally arrived.

 Fast forward to now, we can’t believe how fast time has flown and how Noah is due any day now. Our lives are about to change and we’re so excited. I know it isn’t my baby, but it is my nephew. I’m going to be an aunt and it is SO exciting.

 I know the excitement is even greater for them (just look at the above shot).




The sky was beautiful, and her dress went perfectly with background.


 Look at those itty bitty shoes!



 She is such a gorgeous mommy-to-be!


Ah, the twirl never fails to make a gorgeous shot.


We’re SO ready for baby Noah to be here!


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November 5, 2017



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