Rhaimey & Wesley’s Engagement Session

Sometimes a Sadies Dance is just the opportunity a girl needs when a guy is too shy. I hadn’t heard of a “Sadies Dance” in years until I met Rhaimey & Wesley. They’d met in high school where Rhaimey asked Wesley to the Sadies Dance.

After 7 years together, Wesley planned a very special trip to Disney World with Rhaimey. Wesley planned to pop the question when they were in the Magic Kingdom on the third day of their trip. He imagined he’d have two days to warm up, ease down and have a speech prepared, but then Rhaimey decided she wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom on the first day and poor Wesley had to pull it together fast.

And so on the first day it was. After a long day in the Magic Kingdom, they watched the spectacular fireworks show together. The show ended and Wesley set up one of the Disney photographers to take a picture of them in front of Cinderella’s castle. And there, as nervous as could be, in front of an enormous crowd, he got down on one knee and asked Rhaimey to be his wife. There wasn’t a speech, they hardly remember exactly what was said except that Rhaimey said yes! I doubt the rest of the days at Disney even came close to being as magical.

We shot their engagement session at Fontainebleau State Park. The weather, light, everything was perfect.

Congratulations Rhaimey & Wesley!






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June 2, 2018



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